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Nature Play FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Nature Play Classes for Ages 1-5.

Children engaged in nature play based learning
Children engaged in nature play based learning

What is your make up policy?

Explorers by Nature Play Classes offer a flexible make-up policy. You can miss as many sessions during a season as you need to, and join the other weekly play class as a make-up, based on days currently offered.  Joining a class session outside of your registered is as easy as sending an email to inform the teacher of your plans so that I can be ready to welcome you and your child into the other class day.

Can I drop my child at the Nature Play Classes?

Explorers by Nature play classes are designed for parents/caregivers and their child(ren) to enjoy together.  You and your child(ren) will get to develop new ways to play, explore, learn and discover together in our beautiful Lake Murray classroom. When parents and caregivers participate in class, they gain valuable insights about their child, including interests, abilities and all the life skills children learn through outdoor play such as problem-solving, building connections, and learning to take calculated risks.  Children and adults alike benefit through your shared experiences at Explorers by Nature, so please plan to have children in the care of at least one parent or caregiver at all times before, during and after your time at class. 

What should I bring?

For a successful class experience, please plan to bring food and water for your child, dress them in play clothes that can get messy/wet, and bring a full set of extra clothes and shoes to change them into after class. Rain boots are a favorite of many families due to the sometimes messy nature of the class, and our location at Lake Murray. We also start and end class with a short circle time, so bring a blanket or towel to sit on. Lastly, a hat and sunscreen is always a good idea as our outdoor classroom includes a mix of sunny and shady play areas. 

Can I bring siblings?

Yes! The Explorers by Nature play classes curriculum are designed for children 1-5 years of age.  All children in this age span need to be enrolled.  Children under 12 months old are welcome to come along with an enrolled sibling to class at no cost. These mixed-age classes are the perfect experience for children of different ages to enjoy together! A 20% off discount is offered for families with 2 or more children.  If a sibling needs to attend due to a scheduling change (school closures etc.) they are welcome to attend up to one session without enrolling. Please reach out to let the teacher know if you plan to bring a sibling to ensure there is an additional set of materials ready for the sibling joining that day to play!  

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