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Nature School FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Nature School for Ages 3.5-8.


What is your make up policy?

Children enrolled in Nature school may attend up to two nature play class sessions as a makeup for missing nature school sessions, or join up to one class day in a future season as a makeup (based on class availability, prior coordination with the teacher required). 

Is Nature School a drop off program?

Nature School offers families the option to either drop their 3.5-8 year old off for the three-hour class period, or stay with them for the entire (or part) Nature School time. You may also plan to be there to support your child for the first 1-2 weeks as they become accustomed to Nature School, and transition if/when they are ready to be dropped off. We understand that every family/child is different, and honor that you know your child best, and will make a decision to best support them as they enjoy this social learning in nature experience! 

What should I bring?

For a successful Nature School experience, please plan send your explorer with a backpack containing the following items: a full change of clothes (layers are always a good idea), hat and extra shoes (and a plastic bag to put wet/dirty clothes into) water bottle, and a lunchbox packed with a healthy lunch and extra snacks. Be sure to send your child to Nature School in clothes that can get wet/dirty/stained. Please be sure to leave the following items home: electronics, toys, nice clothes, and candy. 

Can I bring siblings who are not enrolled?

Due to the small class size, and specific age group/developmental stage focus of this program, please coordinate with the teacher to discuss your situation. 

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