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Winter Saturdays

  • Starts Jan 20, 2024
  • 209 US dollars
  • Lake Murray Reservoir

8 spot left

About the Class:

Winter 2024 Season: "Amazing Wildlife Overcomers" Focus Skill: Determination I'm so excited to share that Explorers by Nature winter play classes are now open for enrollment! Join us this Winter, in our "Amazing Wildlife Overcomers" season. Our focus skill: determination will be woven into the eight play-based learning lessons we'll enjoy together this winter. Each week, explorers and guides will be introduced to a new California wildlife friend, and we'll take inspiration from them as we learn about the amazing skills and adaptations they use every day to survive, grow and move in the wild. We'll play, move, explore and discover with our families and friends in our outdoor classroom in ways much like these amazing animal overcomers do! What is Determination? Determination is the ability to continue working towards something even if it is very difficult. Determination is a positive feeling that involves persevering towards a challenging goal in spite of obstacles. Why does this skill matter to toddlers and preschoolers? Teaching our young children to keep trying and not give up even when things feel difficult has lifelong benefits on their happiness, outlook and success in all elements of life. These play-based lessons will offer kiddos the chance to overcome challenges and achieve a goal, learn from mistakes, and become more creative problem-solvers. When children are able to overcome a challenge in their play this translates to real-life and begins to lay a foundation for showing determination in big and small ways, this leads to greater self-confidence and happiness. Providing children with opportunities to practice showing determination in fun, engaging play-based nature activities will keep it light and enjoyable and they'll be practicing this key life skill without even realizing it! Our outdoor classroom of Lake Murray provides the perfect setting for the Winter Season: "Amazing Animal Overcomers" where explorers and their grown-ups (guides) will build on our Winter Focus Skill: Determination through play-based learning in this engaging eight-week season.

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