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Child-Led Play where outdoors is the classroom and

explorers learn, discover and create in community! 

At Explorers by Nature, children are invited to play, explore and discover with their peers in a multi-age setting  each week. Seasons are designed to focus on life skills, and/or thematic learning units that children are introduced to, practice and learn week-after-week, through focused and intentional play-based nature activities, art projects, movement, games, and music. 

Children fall in love with nature, learn about wildlife local to California, build friendships and confidence over the course of each season.  Every class features a fresh unique invitation to play, with several stations/activities for explorers and their grownup to engage in together to learn through nature-play. Explorers by Nature activities are designed to be simple and minimal so that families can see how easy it is to create meaningful play experiences for children to learn, explore and discover without a lot of preparation or materials.

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